Welcome to DDI — your state of the art imaging facility. We recently launched this website to communicate our unique capabilities and exceptional imaging services available to you. Our philosophy has always been to provide the best imaging services with a pleasant and helpful manner to the patient. If you are looking for a new facility or have doubts about your current imaging center, you owe it to yourself to contact DDI.

Our Services


MRI (High Field Closed + Open)

Computer generated images of organs and tissues using radio waves and a rapidly changing magnetic field – but no radiation. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your next MRI could be in our Open MRI — no more anxiety, claustrophobia or being uncomfortable.

services-06CT Scan

Images of body tissue and organs generated by computer from images produced by special x-ray equipment.


Digital X-Ray

Traditional X-ray imaging remains the world’s most common imaging procedure. Our latest digital X-Ray equipment allows for faster processing; no more waiting for labs and processing. Our state of the art technology allows your doctor to login to our system and review your X-Rays instantly.


Digital Mammography

Examination of the breast provides life-saving early warning of possible cancers.



Harmless sound wave imaging of internal organs.


Bone Densitometry

DEXA bone densitometry measures bone mineral density (BMD); a quick, painless procedure for measuring bone loss.